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· Sound Issues in Film    posted Dec 2, 2021 by JimOfAllTrades (show)
  • Can You Understand the Dialog in Current Movies?
  • Slashfilm article
  • Here's a surprisingly detailed article on the issues with understanding dialog in movies these days.
· The Cable Co. is Hiring!!    posted Nov 18, 2021 by JimOfAllTrades (show)
  • Contact John Pharo for more details.
  • The Cable Co. Website
  • John Pharo
    Senior Consultant
    The Cable Company/Ultra Systems
    Visit our website at http://www.TheCableCo.com.

    Contact information:
    Telephone: 215-862-4870, or toll-free 800-FATWYRE (328-9973)
    FAX: 215-862-4871. Email: John@TheCableCo.com.
    Shipping address: The Cable Company, 125 Union Square, New Hope PA 18938 USA
    Hours of operation: Mon.-Fri. 10am - 6pm Eastern time. Sat. 11am -5pm

    John writes:

    Looking for one or two hobbyists that would like to consider becoming sale consultant(s) full time. Please email me and we can discuss. Flemington area.

    The NJAS can provide no further details at this time, or provide any proof that the offer is or ever was valid.
· MQA Takedown    posted Sep 13, 2021 by JimOfAllTrades (show)
  • MQA takedown video on YouTube
  • Probably a good critique of a questionable technology.

    Here is part II:

· No More RMAF    posted Sep 2, 2021 (show)
· Audio Rack    posted Aug 29, 2021 (show)
  • Hunting for a Audio Rack
  • I recently upgraded some of my components and I am looking for a nice audio rack to display my system. I want to get something nice and something very solid. I would appreciate any help or ideas that you have. I don’t want to go for my lungs but on the other hand I don’t want cheap either. I thank you all in advance for your help.
    I’m hoping that I can get something nice for around $2,000, any suggestions.
  • Comments:
  • § Gary -- Prices jump up quite a lot for racks in the audiophile market -- mostly based on esthetics. If you have a budget in mind, that's probably the only way to start shopping since saying "cheap" or "expensive" has wildly different meanings per person. The used rack market can get you started even faster.
     ⤷ posted Aug 30, 2021 by JimOfAllTrades
  • § Jim, thank you for your thoughts, I just added a approximate price range on my post. So maybe I might get some feedback.
     ⤷ posted Aug 30, 2021
  • § I have 2 Sanus 5 shelf racks with oak wood trim that I am not using. If you are interested you can come see them and we can work out a price or maybe a trade. I am the original owner and live in a pet free, smoke free house. I live in central NJ

    Mike Abrams
     ⤷ posted Aug 31, 2021
· Zoom Class Action Settlement    posted Aug 2, 2021 by JimOfAllTrades (show)
  • Who coulda guessed?
  • Reuters Story Link
  • In an event that should surprise no one, Zoom has settled a class action case against it for violation of its user's privacy. Details are in the Reuters story above. Anyone following stories of rampant abuse by social media companies over the past ten years would have been shocked if Zoom hadn't been following the same playbook as everyone else. It almost seems obligatory for online service providers to abuse their customers; and in this case Zoom had paying customers, but still decided that wasn't good enough.
· Rick Beato Youtube Channel    posted Jul 28, 2021 by JimOfAllTrades (show)
  • Music Producer Opines
  • Youtube Channel Link
  • Rick's pretty good. He knows his stuff, as will be obvious when you listen to him. He also has a good ear. I don't think he's an audiophile, but that doesn't matter re the topics he's discussing.

    For example, the second link for the "greatest live solo" is actually interesting, and probably not what you were thinking. He's able to transcend rock and pop. Whether it would be the greatest solo if you added orchestral performers to mix, or go by reputation because there is no recording of the effort, is hard to say, but it's piano, not guitar, or vocal, or something a lesser critic would pick.
· Modern Russian Female Composer    posted Jul 27, 2021 (show)
  • Lera Auerbach
  • YouTube Video Link
  • Here's a modern female composer who's actually quite melodic. I had to post a YouTube link because there is no CD of her Symphony. Enjoy.

    John P.
  • Comments:
  • § https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpRr-tTEpfw
     ⤷ posted Jul 27, 2021
· Magico M9    posted Jun 17, 2021 (show)
  • Most Expensive Home Speakers
  • I thought when I read the recent TAS with the review of the Magico M9's at $750.000, I thought that they may have made the most expensive home loudspeakers. But not so, according to the link from www.octaneseating.com that was published in 2017. After 4 years I'm sure that the ceiling has risen a bit higher.


    John P.
· What is a Record Player?    posted May 25, 2021 by JimOfAllTrades (show)
  • I think this is for Gen Z
  • Music Gateway Article
  • This reads like something out of Archeology Today and barely scratches the surface (ha!) of the topic, but somewhat interesting.
· Sound File Visualizer    posted Mar 7, 2021 by JimOfAllTrades (show)
  • Sonic Visualiser Reference Guide
  • If you are looking for a way to really "see" sound files, check out sonic visualiser above. It's the best spectogram software I've seen for everyday use.
· Ambient Hit Parade    posted Nov 27, 2020 by JimOfAllTrades (show)
· Maestro Anthony La Gruth    posted Aug 24, 2020 (show)
  • Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra
  • The Maestro has been having Zoom meetings on Tuesdays discussing a work of Classical Music. It is more of a listening session than a wide open discussion. He graciously allowed me to pass on the information.

    Hi all,

    This week on Listening with LaGruth we will take a deep dive into one of the 20th century’s greatest masterpieces of orchestral music, the Concerto for Orchestra composed by Bela Bartok. Bartok’s music is unique, combining eastern folk music with western compositional techniques, creating an amazing blend of spicy sound and mysterious emotion.

    This work, literally written on his deathbed, is arguably Bartok’s greatest achievement and one of the most popular works of the modern school with audiences and musicians alike. I can’t wait to look “under the hood” with you all and see just what “makes it go”!

    Tomorrow, Tuesday evening, at 7:30 pm! As always, feel free to share this invite!
    Looking forward to seeing all of you!

    Anthony LaGruth is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: Listening with LaGruth-Bartok
    Time: Aug 25, 2020 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 862 7143 7676
    Passcode: 577375
· Site that Measures Gear!    posted Jul 10, 2020 by JimOfAllTrades (show)
  • Skeptical of Audiophile Claims
  • Audio Science Review
  • If you want independent measurements of gear, check out the site above. This is a drier approach than you get with subjective reviews and more apropos for new audiophiles.
· New xMems Tweeter Developed    posted Jul 10, 2020 by JimOfAllTrades (show)
  • Lower Cost than Planar Magnetics for Similar Performance Expected
  • Official Announcement Thru AnandTech
  • Given the huge market for earbud style headphones and related audiophile style headphones, it is not surprising that money would be invested in novel technology. The company xMems has developed a new micro-mechanical silicone based tweeter with good enough performance at reduced cost for earbud headphones and I guess the potential to go after the audiophile market at some point too. They are similar to piezo-electric tweeters, but with better performance. Read about them above.
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