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About Us The New Jersey Audio Society was established in the 1980s as a group interested in high performance audio playback. We encourage and welcome anyone interested in high performance playback systems from 78's to DXD/8xDSD to join and participate through active membership. Annual dues are currently $80. Membership includes a subscription to The Source, the publication of the New Jersey Audio Society, and invitations to attend meetings as well as to communicate through the submission of material or letters for publication in the newsletter and participate in our newsgroup site on the web.

We try to vary our meeting content among product demonstrations, music, instructional meetings (tweaks, room treatments, DIY, etc.) and just plain hanging out and listening to music on members’ systems. As examples, we have had demonstrations by manufacturers of high-end audio equipment, visits by recording engineers (including playback and mixing of master tapes), special meetings at dealers’ facilities, component and speaker builder meetings where some members who build speakers and electronic components have discussed and shown their designs, meetings dedicated to demonstrations of and discussions relating to vintage audio equipment, and demonstrations from professional musicians of their instruments and discussions of recordings of the great performers on those instruments. We also have annual summer picnic and year-end holiday party meetings.

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Meeting Photos
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Photo 1
Photo 2
Meeting Gets Started
Photo 3
Neal Tells Us about Upcoming Meetings
Photo 4
Introducing Bob Witrak
Photo 5
Neal Pontificating
Photo 6
Bob Witrak of High Def Tape Transfers
Photo 7
Main System Front View
Photo 8
Main System Equipment Rack
Photo 9
Main System Right Front View
Photo 10
Main System Left Side
Photo 11
Photo 12
Living Room System
Photo 13
Living Room System Equipment Rack
Photo 14
Den System
Photo 15
Bedroom System
Meeting Comments
Thanks, Andrej, for all your hard work.
Fun surround sound meeting and interesting talk by Bob Witrak of High Def Tape Transfers. BTW the food was great!
Andrej's speaker building combined with his charm and excellent skills as a cook are always a treat to our senses. But a Surround Sound meeting with non other than Bob Witrak put this meeting over the top. Great sounding 5.1 is easier than you would think and so much better than Quad of the past. Total audio FUN!
Andrej is a great host (almost as good as me, just kidding :)) He always has great food and sinful desserts as well. With multi room displays of equipment; what more can you ask for?
beautiful speakers that sound terrific. Andrej is quite the craftsman
A revelation to hear audiophile quality surround sound...Andrej knows his stuff. And Mr. Witrak is one of our/my main men. Great day!