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About Us The New Jersey Audio Society was established in the 1980s as a group interested in high performance audio playback. We encourage and welcome anyone interested in high performance playback systems from 78's to DXD/8xDSD to join and participate through active membership. Annual dues are currently $80. Membership includes a subscription to The Source, the publication of the New Jersey Audio Society, and invitations to attend meetings as well as to communicate through the submission of material or letters for publication in the newsletter and participate in our newsgroup site on the web.

We try to vary our meeting content among product demonstrations, music, instructional meetings (tweaks, room treatments, DIY, etc.) and just plain hanging out and listening to music on members’ systems. As examples, we have had demonstrations by manufacturers of high-end audio equipment, visits by recording engineers (including playback and mixing of master tapes), special meetings at dealers’ facilities, component and speaker builder meetings where some members who build speakers and electronic components have discussed and shown their designs, meetings dedicated to demonstrations of and discussions relating to vintage audio equipment, and demonstrations from professional musicians of their instruments and discussions of recordings of the great performers on those instruments. We also have annual summer picnic and year-end holiday party meetings.

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Meeting Photos
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Jim and Neal
Photo 1
Neal and Phil
Photo 2
Merrill's Speech
Photo 3
Photo 4
Amps and Front End
Photo 5
Second System
Photo 6
Barry setting up the Cello
Photo 7
Wiring the Cello's
Photo 8
Photo 9
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Meeting Comments
Thanks, Merrill. Very very nice system, but I would like to have also heard a system would with only one of his stereo amplifiers driving speakers. Something more realistic that most people might have in their systems.
Very nice of Merrill to host our wild bunch for the first time. His main system had a lot going for it, but the narrow sweet spot resulted in a schizophrenic presentation. I would like to hear his electronics w/ different speakers.
System had very good definition and transit response. If you sat in the sweet spot there was good front to back depth and imaging. However I felt there was a a slightly hard sound overall especially if played too loud. I have heard the amps in my own system and do not think the problem is the amps at all. I would look towards either the crossover, and or speakers.
Great sounds, great music, great food and great company. Regardless of the narrow sweet spot the system had really good sound. Jim, once I have my system all settled you will have to come over so you can hear Merrill's amps with my B&W 802D speakers.
The biamped Sanders setup wrapped us in music.
Very good meeting. As always Merrill was a most generous host. His downstairs system was very high quality. The lag time playing a CD with the computer based system gave me pause, but once loaded the sound was quite fine.
Great meeting! Impressive SOTA system downstairs, and real-world affordable rig upstairs. Thank you, Merril, for hosting.
amazing system and bgreat c hance to hear Merrill's DSD files