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About Us The New Jersey Audio Society was established in the 1980s as a group interested in high performance audio playback. We encourage and welcome anyone interested in high performance playback systems from 78's to DXD/8xDSD to join and participate through active membership. Annual dues are currently $80. Membership includes a subscription to The Source, the publication of the New Jersey Audio Society, and invitations to attend meetings as well as to communicate through the submission of material or letters for publication in the newsletter and participate in our newsgroup site on the web.

We try to vary our meeting content among product demonstrations, music, instructional meetings (tweaks, room treatments, DIY, etc.) and just plain hanging out and listening to music on members’ systems. As examples, we have had demonstrations by manufacturers of high-end audio equipment, visits by recording engineers (including playback and mixing of master tapes), special meetings at dealers’ facilities, component and speaker builder meetings where some members who build speakers and electronic components have discussed and shown their designs, meetings dedicated to demonstrations of and discussions relating to vintage audio equipment, and demonstrations from professional musicians of their instruments and discussions of recordings of the great performers on those instruments. We also have annual summer picnic and year-end holiday party meetings.

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Meeting Photos
Photo 0
Neal Our President. That is what his name tag said!
Photo 1
Neal Gets The Meeting Started
Photo 2
Phil Tells Us About Upcoming Meetings
Photo 3
Al Tells Us About the Monaco Server
Photo 4
Photo 5
Al Mirabella's system
Photo 6
Al Mirabella's electronics including Monaco server and T+A dac8.
Photo 7
Excellent Food
Photo 8
Music For Sale
Photo 9
Jim Doing His Mime Routine
Photo 10
Photo 11
Photo 12
Photo 13
Photo 14
Meeting Comments
Thanks to Al and everyone who helped get the day running smoothly.
Great party, food and venue. I'm so glad Neal got to attend. Al's system with the T+A dac and Monaco server sounded very good!
Great location and kudos to the organizers.
First, I want to thank Neal, Phil and Jim for the great job they do every year and month for all of us. Next I want to thank all of you who attended and made this a great party. And finally I want to thank Ed Hsu from Sound Galleries of Monaco for underwriting the expense of are Holiday Party. I am so happy that Neal was able to attend. It made my day. I want to give a big thank you to Jon Moberg for stepping up and helping me get Neal to the party. I know there are many others that would have been there if they could have. And I am glad to hear that everyone liked the venue and food. And I want to thank those of you that were kind enough to stop by my home and hear my system.
The Cambridge Club was a great venue for our party. Perfect room size for our membership, wheelchair accessible, informative meeting, good DIY demonstration and great food. As you looked around the room, everyone had a smile on their face. Remember for the next party, I have a wonderful Farberware automatic 32 cup coffee percolator and Victor will always bring the half and half. Congratulations on a job well done.
I had a great time. seeing everyone and talking to many was wonderful. Al Mirabella went above and beyond to get me to the party. Renting a van that John Moberg drove. Al and John made my day possible. The DIY room featured one system by Andrej Ljolje which was all we needed for great sound . But not a big showing of the variety we had last year. The food from Riki's was superb. Though the excess was trashed instead of given to members to take home, which was a poor decision sadly out of my control. Thanks go out to all who helped clean up. Sadly I was unable to get over to Al's to hear his system. I think we should award Mr. Hsu with a free membership.
Thank you Alex for this great venue.
Some of the best food in a while! Also a great facility.
It was a fantastic party! Thanks to all who made it great!
The Cambridge Club was terrific! Let's go there again! The one thing we need to work on his parking – there was not nearly enough and I wound up having to call Al Mirabella on his cell phone for help and then parking fairly far away on cold winter day. &N