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About Us The New Jersey Audio Society was established in the 1980s as a group interested in high performance audio playback. We encourage and welcome anyone interested in high performance playback systems from 78's to DXD/8xDSD to join and participate through active membership. Annual dues are currently $80. Membership includes a subscription to The Source, the publication of the New Jersey Audio Society, and invitations to attend meetings as well as to communicate through the submission of material or letters for publication in the newsletter and participate in our newsgroup site on the web.

We try to vary our meeting content among product demonstrations, music, instructional meetings (tweaks, room treatments, DIY, etc.) and just plain hanging out and listening to music on members’ systems. As examples, we have had demonstrations by manufacturers of high-end audio equipment, visits by recording engineers (including playback and mixing of master tapes), special meetings at dealers’ facilities, component and speaker builder meetings where some members who build speakers and electronic components have discussed and shown their designs, meetings dedicated to demonstrations of and discussions relating to vintage audio equipment, and demonstrations from professional musicians of their instruments and discussions of recordings of the great performers on those instruments. We also have annual summer picnic and year-end holiday party meetings.

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Meeting Photos
Photo 0
Fr. Richard
Photo 1
Left Corner View
Photo 2
Front End
Photo 3
Front View
Photo 4
Ladies Auxiliary
Photo 5
System Overview
Photo 6
System Overview
Photo 7
Our Host with Vladimir discussing the Heisenberg Principle of Uncertainty
Photo 8
Our Host explaining, enjoying and entertaining the NJAS
Photo 9
Another sighting of the usual suspects enjoying conversation, music and food
Photo 10
The amp for the subwoofer
Photo 11
The Usual suspects
Photo 12
The attenuated Tweeter using a pipe organ extension.
Photo 13
The Subwoofer When asked if he thought the Sub was big enough Father Richard said "If they throw me out of this house, I'll have a place to live
Photo 14
Meitner/ DAC Transport
Meeting Comments
I would have loved to have heard Father Richard's system, but everybody was talking so loud I really couldn't critically hear it at all. Perhaps we could hold off serving food and drink until after the critical listening is done. Or enforce a rule that if anybody is doing serious listening, please only whisper conversations. Or perhaps just common courtesy?
Fr. Richard always seems to create some of the best sounds we get out of meetings, though it was a bit loud. The food was devoured faster than piranhas could manage in full glory.
Huge sound stage and excelled at anything with low bass as long as the sub woofer wasn't turned up to high. Bass from this system was the most powerful and real sounding that I ever heard in someones home. Also enjoyed the DSD demo with the Lampizator dac and the designer Lukasz Fikus. I thought it sounded really good.
A truly fun audiophile meeting with great sound and an excellent product demonstration that re-lights my computer audio nervosa. What can be sold in exchange for the Lampi DAC???
Although I wasn't there, I was shaken on a previous visit by Fr. Richard's Thunder Box!
BASS!!!!!!! Pretty amazing stuff from the good Father. And the DSD DAC was an added surprise.
I have discovered that one of the best audio systems I have ever heard in my life were at Father Richard's home, whether it's the Bumble Bee's speaker system or most recently the speakers Father Richard had there on Sunday, the ones he built for and then inherited from ex. NJ Audio Society President Russ Prince that he played at this meeting. This past Sunday at Father Richards, the system sounded striking; the bass was big, taut and so musical, I think really helped to envelope the music in such a way as though I felt I was in the actual venue with live music with slamming dynamics that few systems can compare in my experience. And now that Father Richard has been blessed with some new (to him) supreme components, his system has never sounded better. I never seize to be inspired by the audio systems I hear at our club meetings. I am so blessed to belong to this club with so many wonderful and like minded people.
Great meeting! and for the record, just the right amount of food.