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About Us The New Jersey Audio Society was established in the 1980s as a group interested in high performance audio playback. We encourage and welcome anyone interested in high performance playback systems from 78's to DXD/8xDSD to join and participate through active membership. Annual dues are currently $80. Membership includes a subscription to The Source, the publication of the New Jersey Audio Society, and invitations to attend meetings as well as to communicate through the submission of material or letters for publication in the newsletter and participate in our newsgroup site on the web.

We try to vary our meeting content among product demonstrations, music, instructional meetings (tweaks, room treatments, DIY, etc.) and just plain hanging out and listening to music on members’ systems. As examples, we have had demonstrations by manufacturers of high-end audio equipment, visits by recording engineers (including playback and mixing of master tapes), special meetings at dealers’ facilities, component and speaker builder meetings where some members who build speakers and electronic components have discussed and shown their designs, meetings dedicated to demonstrations of and discussions relating to vintage audio equipment, and demonstrations from professional musicians of their instruments and discussions of recordings of the great performers on those instruments. We also have annual summer picnic and year-end holiday party meetings.

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Meeting Photos
Photo 0
The Gang in Odo Galli's dining room (photo Blaine Handzus)
Photo 1
Odo's speakers(photo Blaine Handzus)
Photo 2
Odo's Pro Audio music room w ceiling (photo Blaine Handzus)
Photo 3
Odo Galli's Pro Audio music room (photo Blaine Handzus)
Meeting Comments
I enjoyed the meeting. I think these designs need some testing in other systems.
Impressive what can be done in a 13x17x7ft space. Great sound!
Truly the work of the gods, these speakers have incredible potential to carry the listener away. At least from the prime listening position. Thumbs up!
Could not negotiate the narrow stairs at this one.
Interesting speaker designs but I wish I could have heard them properly positioned instead of so towed in to better fill the room. There was no imaging or soundstage depth like they were. There also seemed to be a little problem with high volume presentation.
an intriguing 'glimpse' into the emerging alternative to two-channel audio. In an unusual and beautiful house with one of the world's great views...with food and drink to match! &NewLi